A new look at Google Glass

As you may know, Google released their Google Glass to consumers and developers in the US (aka “Google Explorers) a few months back to gauge how people will use Google Glass.

Since then we have seen some exciting developments from developers and google, seen some hard questions asked (mainly around privacy) and some interesting uses of the glasses.

I personally have been really excited to get my hands on a pair of these wonder glasses but I don’t see this happening any time soon so I’ve had to settle for reading up as much as I can on them.

It was during my wanderings that I came across this video showing 20 different searches with the glass from the Google Glass project team.

If everyday users can get this level of functionality out of the Glass, I can see it becoming firmly entrenched into most peoples everyday routine much like the modern smartphone.

As long as privacy and other issues are addressed and that Google can get the product to market in a timely manner, I believe this can and will be the next big thing in personal consumer electronics.


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